Enhance Your Career With A Professional Development Plan

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Are you looking for ways to enhance your career? Depending on what stage of your career you are at, you may be looking for ways to develop new skills or refresh existing ones. Creating a professional development plan is an excellent way to map out and organize the steps necessary to reach your desired goals. The Dyersburg Chamber of Commerce has put together some tactics to help you get started.

Assess Your Current Skills

The first step in creating a professional development plan is assessing your current skills. Make a list of all of the knowledge, abilities, and experiences that you have acquired in your work life. It is also important to identify any areas where you could use improvement or want to be more knowledgeable about. This will help you create achievable goals and objectives when it comes time to build out your plan.

Develop New Skills with Learning Resources

The next step in building out your professional development plan is using learning resources to develop new skills and refine existing ones. Take advantage of free online tools such as YouTube tutorials, blog posts on industry topics, and webinars from experts in the field. Investing in yourself by taking courses or purchasing books on specific topics can also be beneficial.

Build a Social Media Presence

Having a strong social media presence has become increasingly important for those looking to advance their careers. Create profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook that showcase who you are professionally and highlight any past achievements or activities related to work experience or education. Engaging with others regularly through these mediums helps people recognize who you are and creates opportunities for networking with potential employers/business contacts down the road.

Refresh Your Resume

It’s always important to keep your resume updated when searching for jobs or internships. Utilize free online templates that allow you to easily customize the design of your resume in order to make sure it stands out amongst other applicants. Include up-to-date experience, key achievements, and references from previous jobs/internships so employers can get an idea of why they should hire you over anyone else. Don’t forget to keep things concise, as employers often don’t have much time to go over resumes.

Research Companies You'd Like To Work For

Do some research into companies that interest you. Knowing what types of roles they typically offer and what they look for in candidates can prove extremely beneficial when submitting applications, since it shows that you have done due diligence in learning more about them. This will help you stand out amongst other applicants when applying for roles within those companies later down the line.

Use Free Online Tools To Manage Your Goals

When creating a detailed professional development plan, there are many tasks involved ranging from goal setting, tracking progress towards goals over time, and resource management (i.e., keeping documents organized). Thankfully there are plenty of free online tools available today that will help you manage documents associated with these tasks. Some of these are made faster with a PDF to Word converter, so look for these tools if you know you'll need to make fast edits to a file.


Taking control of your career advancement by creating a detailed professional development plan is beneficial whether you want to land your dream job or start your own business. By laying out goals, creating timelines, and managing important documents with free PDF tools, you can make the planning process as efficient as possible. Remember to do your research before taking any major steps so you'll be as prepared as possible.

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